The Walking Dead Creator Set to Release a New Title for Image Comics

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is set to release a new title under the Skybound imprint entitled “OUTCAST


The book’s theme will be demonic possession and exorcism in keeping up with Kirkman’s knack for horror related stories.

Here’s the excerpt that Comicvine published:

“The main character will be Kyle Barnes. He’s been dealing with demonic possession his entire life. Now he attempts to deal with it. Kyle’s mother was possessed when he was young. He’s become somewhat comfortable with and has been dealing with. In issue #1, we’ll see him at his lowest point. He decides he doesn’t want to deal with it anymore. He has to make his life better. He tries to figure out why this has been happening to him and people around him. He’ll be looking for answers to figure out what it is he’s experiencing. Along the way, he’ll discover there’s a bigger picture. There’s something that could possible threaten the entire world.

‘It’s a big epic story involving exorcism and demonic possession. We’re trying to shine a new light on that genre of horror fiction.'”

And as an added treat it looks like it’s getting a TV series treatment already. And it’s not even NYCC yet.