New Winter Soldier & ASM 2 Marvel Infinity Series Legends Unveiled at NYCC 2013

What’s up guys? It’s your boy Dirv, bringing some excellent news for all you Marvel Legends collectors out there!

Earlier this morning, we got to see a new batch of Marvel Legends that will be released next year.

The Marvel Legends line will be re-re launched next year and will be tied to Marvel Cinematic releases — sort of what we got with the Iron Man 3 and The Wolverine Legends line. Starting next year, Marvel Legends will now be called the Infinity Series Legends (which is also paying homage to the current story arc we have in the Marvel Universe).

The new Infinity line will start off with a bang, since Hasbro has made it official that they’ll be releasing Legends for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Amazing Spiderman 2. These releases will be separated into two waves, much like what we got with the Iron Man 3 Legends. Both releases will feature Build-A-Figures and characters from both the comic and cinematic multi-verses.


Taking a look at the packaging, it has been revamped and looks more like a mix between the packaging we got for Hasbro’s 6″ Star Wars: Black Series line and Mattel’s DCUC line. Right away, I can say that the presentation is neat and very eye-catching. The packaging shot features a new Hydra Soldier figure that looks way better than the one we got from the Brood wave.

cap packaging back

We also got spoiled on what figures we’ll be getting for the Cap Am: TWS waves, and when will we get them.

Here are the figures included in the Winter Soldier and Amazing Spiderman 2 waves and some pictures taken at NYCC 2013 (credits for the photos go to:, and

Winter Soldier:

cap hydra

Cap 2 Mandroid

  • Marvel Now Captain America (Confirmed at SDCC 2013)
  • Movie Captain America (Confirmed at SDCC 2013)
  • Scar-Jo Movie Black Widow (Confirmed at SDCC 2013)
  • Movie Winter Soldier (Confirmed at SDCC 2013)
  • Red Skull (confirmed SDCC 2013) with the Hydra Soldier (confirmed NYCC 2013) as the running change.
  • Baron Zemo (confirmed at SDCC 2013) with the AIM Soldier (confirmed SDCC 2013 as the running change.
  • Build-a-figure Mandroid (COnfirmed NYCC 2013)

Amazing Spiderman 2:


ASM 2 Spidey

ASM electro

ASM 2 blackat

asm 2 carnage

ASM 2 BAF Ultimate GG

asm 2 ulti beetle

  • Superior Spiderman (Confirmed at NYCC 2013)
  • ASM 2 Movie Spiderman (Confirmed at NYCC 2013)
  • Black Cat (Confirmed at SDCC 2013)
  • Carnage (Confirmed at NYCC 2013)
  • Ultimate Beetle (Confirmed at NYCC 2013)
  • Movie Electro (Confirmed at NYCC 2013)
  • BAF Ultimate Green Goblin (Confirmed at SDCC 2013)

There are rumors that we still have some figures that are to be announced, and will be part of the ASM 2 wave

Fellow collectors, now is the time to save every penny that we have and even the bonuses we’ll be getting this holiday season. Aside from these two waves, their is still the Marvel legends Jubilee wave that would be released around November to January. Lastly, Marvel will be releasing two more movies during the second half of next year (X-Men: Days of Future Past and Guardians of the Galaxy), and you can bet that these movies may have Infinity Legends releases tied to them.