Philippine’s Own Sikat II Finishes 3rd in World Solar Challenge

Photo from Team Solar Philippine's FB Page

Photo from Team Solar Philippine’s FB Page

Sikat II, the official Philippine representative to the GoPro Adventure Class division of the 2013 World Solar Challenge garnered a third place ranking by the end of the competition after 6 days of gruelling racing through the Australian Outback.

2013 World Solar Challenge (WSC)

The World Solar Challenge is a friendly international competition that starts in Darwin and ends in Adelaide. All in all, the race course is roughly 3000km long. At the start of the race, teams are allowed to store 5kW hours of energy in their solar vehicle’s onboard batteries. However, this is only a tenth of the total energy required to reach the end of the race course. The rest of the energy needed can either be harvested from the sun’s rays or collected from the kinetic energy expended by the vehicle.

Team Sikat II, participated in the competition’s Adventure Class. In the Adventure Class, teams are allowed to use solar cars that were used to compete in previous World Solar Challenge races. Australia’s own Aurora Evolution placed first, followed by Chile’s Intikallpa 2, and the Philippine’s own Sikat II.

The Sikat II was designed and built entirely in the Philippines by students from De La Salle University’s Mechanical and Electronics Engineering department in partnership with the Sikat Solar Challenge Foundation. While this is not the first time the team has participated in the WSC, this is their highest finish to date.

Video from Team Solar Philippine’s Facebook Page

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