8 Big Announcements from NYCC 2013

Here’s a roundup of some of the comic related stuff that’s been announced during this year’s New York Comic Con.

1. Miracleman / Marvelman back on track


Marvel just laid around with the Miracleman (Marvelman in the US) but it looks like there’s some movement with this franchise. Heck, we even have new art done by Leinil Francis Yu.

2. A slew of ‘All New’ titles


“All New Ghost Rider” and “All New X-Factor” joins the ranks of Marvel’s “All New X-Men”. Notables here are Ghost Rider which will feature a new rider in a fantastic new ride. X-Factor on the other hand is a completely new team with Quicksilver, Polaris and new addition Gambit.

3.  Stephanie Brown is Back with BATMAN ETERNAL


Sadly, she won’t be appearing as Batgirl as the distinction still belongs to Barbara Gordon. But we do get to see her as The Spoiler once more. James Tynion IV would be writing her return.

4. Movie Licenses like Aliens and Serenity to Return in Comics Form


People who miss Mal and the rest of the Serenity should be happy that there is something new in the works. Oh and a lot of xenomorphic lovin’ also headed our way through ‘Aliens’ stuff. Both of these books to be released by Dark Horse Comics.

5.  Superboy to be killed off


Scott Lobdell basically spoiled the fact that the current Superboy, Conner Kent, will die a heroic death in Superboy # 25. Then he’ll be replaced by the original template for Superboy, John Wayne Kent; a clone using the DNA codes for Superman AND Lois Lane.



DC was pushing waaaay too much Batman in New York Comic Con. As part of the 75th anniversary of Batman next year, DC Comics will be releasing a year long, monthly Batman book entitled Batman: Eternal. According to reports, this weekly will shape not only the caped crusader but also the Bat-Family and Gotham City.

7. The Trial of Jean Grey


What’s a major comic convention without bits of X-Men news. During the X-Men panel which included Brian Michael Bendis, it was revealed that the ‘All New X-Men‘ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy” will be crossing over for ‘Trial’. The premise is that some of the alien races that the Phoenix plagued in the past is now looking for some galactic justice.

8. Betty and Veronica Gets Replaced as Archie’s love interests.


Wired reports that Archie will be coming in with a new storyline entitled “Farewell” which is a farewell to the decades old love triangle between Betty, Veronica and Archie.