Archie, Betty and Veronica Love Triangle Finally Over?

The Archie Comics panel recently announced at the New York Comic Con that they will be releasing a miniseries called “Farewell Betty and Veronica” by Michael Usan. Initial reports say that Archie’s long time love interests Betty and Veronica will be replaced by 2 new female characters.


Archie was created by Bob Montana and Vic Bloom way back in 1941. Since then, Archie Andrews has become one of the most popular and enduring comic book characters of all time. His love interest Betty Cooper was also introduced in 1941 and since then has been named as one of the “100 Sexiest Women in Comics” by Comic Buyers Guide. On the other hand, the high flying heiress Veronica Lodge made her first appearance in 1942 and has since become Betty Cooper’s biggest rival in love.


While nothing is certain regarding the final fate of Betty and Veronica, rumours and speculations have been flying around. However, these groundbreaking changes may simply be part of an experiment to inject new elements into an arguably aging comic book franchise. Only time will tell whether these changes will be permanent or not. Avid fans can only wait in excitement to learn about the final fate of Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge.