Jurassic Park Builder Review

Thoughts on Jurassic Park Builder for the Android.

So I got the chance to download and install the Jurassic Park Builder on my phone and so far I’m impressed.


What’s it about?

Jurassic Park Builder is basically a toss up between Sim City and Theme Park only with carnivorous dinosaurs and even more unscrupulous individuals like John Hammond. As the new park manager you are tasked with developing the park, increase revenue for three different terrains or parks.


One of the cool things about the game is that it lets you go crazy with your ideas for a Jurassic Park. There’s a ton of great things that you can do. Ever felt like you wanted to have a T-Rex pen or Velociraptor cage beside a restaurant? Well JP Builder can and will let you do so.

It’s a nice touch to include the classic characters in the game. Hammond is here, as well as Sam Neill‘s Alan Grant and Jeff Goldblum reprises his role as chaos theory mathematician Ian Malcolm, he even has his daughter along for the ride (great parental skills Dr. Malcolm).


The dinosaurs themselves grow from a core cast to a more diverse selection. And you can increase their levels to the point where you can have the option of evolving them to a related dino.



It’s a standard drag and drop game. Tap on the ‘Market’ button, make your choice from Dinosaurs, Buildings and Park Amenities. The mechanics can be confusing at first but you’ll easily get the hang of it.


BGM is true to the theme of Jurassic Park. No John Williams overtures here but it’s pretty close. The whole experience gets livelier thanks to the growls, howls and roars of your park’s main attraction.



I love the fact that there are dinosaurs period. Regardless of how they are depicted, this automatically gets a thumbs up on the visuals department. Still if I would nitpick a little bit, there game is just chockful of little details like the constant running around of Jurassic Park trucks exploring the roads that you build. Then the buildings are pretty cool as well, it’s like we’re seeing a lot of the buildings we failed to see in Steven Spielberg‘s classic movie.


The version I have running on my phone garners a love-hate relationship. The screen goes crazy whenever you level up and prompted to share your achievement on your Facebook timeline. Mind you it’s not just crazy, as in half the screen is okay and the bottom half suddenly looks like a scattered puzzle pieces.


It’s a rather minor one, but I also find it sucky that you still need to have Internet connection in order to play the game on your smartphone. Why couldn’t they just emulate what “Candy Crush” started wherein you can still play the game even while not connected.


I like Jurassic Park Builder and it’s definitely worth downloading (which is free on the Google Play Store). Its mindless fun and will test your smarts. Be wary of problems with regards to loading the game itself and playing it; still worth looking into if you’re a fan of the movie or the Michael Crichton book.