Fashionable Tech Trends From South Korea Making Their Way to Manila

In recent years, South Korea has become a powerhouse in the tech world. From the latest and greatest smart phones to posh and chic home appliances, South Korea has it all. One only has to take a glance at any major store in Metro Manila to see a glimpse of South Korean innovation at work. Popular South Korean exports to the Philippines have been diversifying over the years. From the latest Koreanovelas to popular K-pop artists, and Filipino’s just can’t seem to get enough.

At the recently concluded Manila FAME trade show, Pop Goes Manila spotted a number of interesting products that could soon make their way to tech shops across the Metro.

sumneeds Tech Accessories

sumneeds is an interesting and quirky company with a number of innovative products that span the gap between form and function.

i pooding


One of the cool things we saw was the i pooding phone case. In a world where smart phone cases are dime a dozen, the i pooding stands out as a functional product with a few surprises up it’s sleeves. One of the unique features of this product is that it uses liquid parafin encased in a durable skin. This makes it soft to the touch and easy to grip, a definite plus especially for people who are prone to dropping their phones. Another plus is that the case is also scented. When pressed, it releases a variety of soothing fragrances that smell surprisingly fresh and sweet.

If you are worried about sticking a liquid filled case to an expensive smart phone, worry not because the case has been engineered to withstand over 200kg of pressure. In fact, you can run it over with a car and you won’t be able to break the seal. Aside from protecting your phone and smelling good, the i pooding smart phone case also comes in a number of cool designs. Some even have little snowflakes or stars that float around inside the liquid parafin pocket. These cases are made for a number of smart phones such as the iPhone 4/4s, the iPhone 5/5s/5c and most high end Samsung phones.


Line Cap

The Line Cap is another interesting smart phone accessory from sumneeds. It looks like a little trucker hat that you can attach to your ear phones. It’s a neat way of keeping your ear phone’s cable out of the way when not in use.


Check out the sumneeds website for more info on their products.

November Design

November Design is another design company that offers neat looking smart phone cases. November Design places an emphasis on cute illustrations designed by the owner of the company. Aesthetics aside, these cases are designed to be easy to grip, while offering more protection for your phone with it’s rugged form factor. While a bit on the bulky side, these cases definitely offer more protection for your expensive devices compared to many lesser cases.



Aside from smart phone cases, November Design also offers a number of other products such as scented candles and lamps. The lamps were particularly striking. These canvas lamps use an actual canvass painted with the silhouette of a lamp. They come in a number of  colours and come in two main variants, a “pendant lamp” and a “desk lamp.” The lamps use LED bulbs so you don’t need to worry about excess heat from an incandescent bulb.



Check out November Design’s website for more info.