Dissecting TV5’s New Lifestyle Show: Philip-Lifestyle Guy with Philip Abadicio


TV5 is set to take on the world of trends and culture with their new lifestyle show Philip-Lifestyle Guy with Philip Abadicio. The new show features the lifestyle maven Philip Abadicio as he explores the latest lifestyle news, trends and insider secrets in the Metro. Expect a cultural roller coaster ride and let Philip take you on a journey to discover a plethora of topics, from the creme de la creme of high fashion to the ins and outs of tiangge shopping. It’s a no-holds barred cultural safari that transcends barriers to ensure that people from all walks of life have something to gain from watching the show.

Philip Abadicio

Over the years, Philip has become one of the more colorful and interesting personalities in the Manila Lifestyle scene. Back in the day, he started a free magazine called ZERO with Paolo Abrera. ZERO served as a medium for getting the word out about the latest happenings and events in Metro Manila. The magazine would later be reinvented into what would become FLY magazine. After its initial success, FLY magazine was picked up and circulated in the international lifestyle hot spot Hong Kong.

Making the move to television was the next natural step for Philip, and he produced the show Follow on 2nd Avenue which first aired in 2011. After this, he would move on to the show It’s More Fun with Philip. Today, Philip has moved on to greater things as we anticipate the launch of his latest show Philip-Lifestyle Guy.

Philip dishwash

Philip-Lifestyle Guy

According to Philip, the new show is  “…a lifestyle show that makes the audience experience the delicious food we eat, the wonderful places we visit, the latest gadgets we try, the latest fashion, the beauty fixes, and the spa treatments we enjoyed.”

“It’s a show that gives the audience the chance to win these experiences and thus, share with them all the lifestyle aspects we featured in the show” Philip adds.

philip parlor-01

In a sit-down interview with Pop Goes Manila, Philip shares the following insights to a few of our questions:

PGM (Pop Goes Manila): “What is pop culture to you?”

Philip: “Pop culture is what is popular. So kung ano young kinahihiligan especially ng mga mas nakakabata diba? And that is what comprises pop culture. Tapos magtritrickle siya into other age groups and talagang magiging  pop culture siya.”

PGM: “So kung baga galing sa younger ones…”

Philip: “Yes the younger ones. Normally they’re the ones who set the trends tapos i-aassimilate ng ibang age groups and different markets.”

“At tsaka hindi na ngayon… date kasi yung mga mayayaman na mga bata. Diba sila yung parang… yung parang nakakagawa ng mga uso. Ngayon hindi na. Kasi you can just post anything on youtube and then it just might catch on.”

PGM: “Siguro yung Internet would be the great equalizer. Not so much na yung status”

Philip: *nods* “That’s why biglang nagiba ang social stratification. It’s more democratic. Pero syempre there are people who are still born with much more money.”

PGM: “If you can pick a couple of trends that will catch on in 2014, what would they be?”

Philip: “Okay for men, it’s colour. For men, they’re not constrained to wearing jeans or khaki pants in the future. And you can already see this happening. Something like wearing mustard coloured jeans with a coloured shirt. So for men it’s colour.”

“For food, I think there are going to be more Filipino restaurants that will professionalize their services. Meaning para mas katangaptangap, mas maiintindihan ng foreigners yung pagkain natin. As our economy progresses, as our government comes into terms with morality, mas marami nang turista and yung pagkain din natin kakalat all over the world. So those are two things.”

PGM: “For our last question, this is something a bit more personal. We’re really interested in what got you started into focusing on lifestyle.”

Philip: “Ever since I was young, I’ve always liked the good things in life. Not necessarily expensive but good.
I’ve always wanted the new toy, or damit. When I grew up, I wanted to find out what Japanese food was like and other similar things. Syempre it also goes without saying that you’re affected by the company that you keep, so when I was in high school, all of us together were interested in lifestyle. And then when I graduated from college, my group of friends set up a clothes store. The clothes store would eventually be noticed by the owner of the mall. The owner of the mall also owned the Manila Times back then and they gave me a column about lifestyle. I didn’t know at the time that I was writing about lifestyle. Yun pala lifestyle na yun. Eventually I was offered to do a lifestyle show. So it all revolved around lifestyle. Not so much entertainment, not sports, not IT, not business, but lifestyle.”

I prefer to promote lifestyle as something that is attainable, that is aspirational. It doesn’t mean that you need to buy expensive things. Before kasi yun yung perception ng lifestyle. Although that is still part of lifestyle but it is not everything. There are things to discover. It’s not exclusive or divisive. We could feature something like Swarovksy tapos we might feature a hole-in-the wall palabok place right after.”

Philip-Lifestyle Guy will start airing on October 27,2013, Sunday from 11am to 12 noon on TV5. Here’s a little sneak preview. You can also check out Philip’s lifestyle site here.