Casa Verde’s Mighty Ton: The 12-Inch Giant Burger

If you’re looking for the great burger that can fit for the whole family or barkada, then Casa Verde‘s Mighty Ton is something that you must try! Originating from Cebu, this American-inspired restaurant managed to concoct this humongous yummy burger by filling it with 1 kilo quality beef patty, 125 (or was it 120?)  grams of bacon, and lots of cheese, lettuce, onion, tomatoes, and mushrooms! It is one of those meals that you wouldn’t be able to hide your awe once it’s served. Even other people couldn’t help but notice this giant burger seated on our table.

Meet the Mighty Ton!

Meet the Mighty Ton!

But size isn’t just the only thing the Mighty Ton has to offer. The taste is superb as well! The patty was nicely grilled, the bread was really good (it has it’s own distinct taste!), and the cheese, just gotta love all those cheese oozing out. When served, the Mighty Ton comes with a bunch of fries and two dips!

Invite your friends, treat your family! The next time you’re in the prowl for one-of-a-kind and delicious meal, visit Casa Verde. And of course, don’t forget to order the Mighty Ton! It’s best enjoyed when shared.

It's so big it comes in a mini balkbayan box for takeouts!

It’s so big it comes in a mini balkbayan box for takeouts!

Aside from the Mighty Ton, Casa Verde also offers baby back ribs, pasta, appetizers, and desserts! And when it comes to gigantic desserts, they also have the Milky Way milkshake. A towering 24-inch milkshake that’s good for four people. So, visit Casa Verde now and try these out!

Milky Way milkshake!

Milky Way milkshake!

Casa Verde is located in the 2nd level of the recently opened U.P. Town Center, in Diliman, Quezon City. Once you get to the place, there might be some waiting time before you get to be seated, since customers are flocking in! Don’t worry, your patience will later on be rewarded!


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