Sony Might Be Up To Something Big Folks!

Earlier, I was browsing my Facebook news feed for something interesting, and after a few minutes there came a post that struck me instantly. Our fellow gamers at have started a thread of what looks to be a secret project being made by Sony for the PS3.


The certain IP has been on the works since August of this year.

Gaming news site came up with the story after seeing the Linkedin profile of SCEA Sr. UI Artist Rick Stalder. The profile states that an un-named game is currently on the works and is categorized under the Action/Adventure genre.

Here’s the link to the article:
This article has been mixing my brains for a while now, and as a gamer, is making me think of what game this could be? Maybe, it’s another Uncharted, Last of Us or God of War sequel? Or a brand new IP that could be the new powerhouse video game franchise from the already almighty SCEA? Probably, this could also be a potential reboot of a former title like Syphon Filter –one of the most beloved stealth/action franchise of all time.

Here’s my take:

Most probably, this could be a sequel but I’m hoping for a reboot or a new IP. If you’re asking me, I would love for Sony to finally release the reportedly canceled Twisted Metal game that was supposed to deviate from the chaotic vehicular combat genre that made the franchise that damn popular.

From the stuff I’ve been reading regarding that canceled project, it’s rumored to be a sandbox type of game, in which you take control of the maniacal mascot of the series: Sweet Tooth. Imagine you controlling the video game industry’s favorite clown and completing missions while exploring a big city.

Final Thoughts:

This game is set to be exclusive for the PS4! This means, it will be built for the PS4 and if we’re using the past current gen exclusives, this IP could be a monster of a title considering how SCEA kicked Microsoft’s ass regarding console exclusive games.

So what’s your opinion on this one?

Let us hear your take about it!