Robot Girls Z Episode 1 Streams First 4 Minutes

Toei Animation just posted a preview of sorts for the upcoming anime series “Robot Girls Z“.


Anime News Network shares the scene description:

In the episode, Z-chan, Gre-chan, and Grenda-san are promoting a photonic energy company at the order of Doctor Yumi. They are confronted by Ashura, Doublas M2, and Garada K7, who pose as members of an insurance company. After Ashura is suspected of being half man and half woman (and is confirmed as female by Gre-chan by flipping her skirt), she reveals that she and her two companions are robot girls created by Dr. Hell. The group came to the photonic power plant in order to steal the energy to take over the world. In retaliation of having their balloons popped, the girls transform into their robot forms.

It’s pretty cute too that they chose the Mazinger family of mechs, opting for Z-Chan (Mazinger Z), Gre-Chan (Great Mazinger) and Gren-Chan (Grendizer).