Possible Spoilers – 10 Incredible Reasons Why You Should Watch Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World opened in theaters today and it doesn’t take a total geek to understand this sequel.

[Editor Note] There might be minor spoilers here so reader beware…

thor the dark world poster

We all know that the first Thor movie ends with Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) anxiously waiting for her Asgardian god to come back to earth. If you have seen the Thor: The Dark World poster, you will have an idea that Thor joins Jane or Jane joins Thor in this sequel (and that that is absolutely not a spoiler). Aside from confirming who joins who, here are other incredible reasons why you should watch this sequel:

10. Natalie Portman in viking outfits. What could possibly go wrong with Portman in a very respectable viking dress? Nothing. She looks divine, stunning…you name it. And of course, her astrophysicist role would look stupid strangely beautiful wearing those dresses on earth, amirite? You guessed it right, she’s in another realm.

Jane Foster Thor 2

A jacket and a half breast-plated viking dress. It’s Portman. (screencrush.com)

9. Natalie Portman getting more nerdy. You will be in that awesome moment when you don’t really care about every nerdy thing she says. She just looks hotter and hotter with every word she speaks, especially when it’s about quantum physics. Keep in mind that a lot of the things she says is packed with a lot of jargon. But then again, who cares about jargon? It’s Natalie Portman.

8. Jabbawockeez with round eyes, skin-tight armor, and deadly weapons. They are not dancing, unfortunately. Malekith’s army looks interesting and you can imagine each one twitching and miming moves to the beat after fighting. But again, unfortunately, they don’t.

7. Captain America. Don’t worry, this isn’t a spoiler. Captain only had a Stan Lee-like cameo and it’s totally random. It’s unlikely but cute (and really totally random).

6. Loki. This is hard to explain but you must see Loki in this sequel. After he gives up the tesseract (as if he had a choice), many awesome things happen to him (you’d be close to calling it dibs on him). Thank the gods he has a sense of humor after all, which is somewhat strange because he has been annoying us for the longest time.

loki thor 2

He’s adopted. (melwantsalokihug.com)

5. More Loki. People are so used to seeing Loki in wavy, pushed back hair and his usual dark and boring outfit but you have to see him looking like a wasted, psychopathic rockstar. You really have to.

4. It’s really about Loki. If you haven’t seen the fan-made photos of Loki circulating around the net, you’re missing out on a lot. If you like Loki, you won’t be disappointed. Really, most of the movie is about him.

3. It’s not ‘Murica. Thor: The Dark World does not involve America and any of its states. In this sequel you can see a lot of Asgard and equally a lot of some place on earth (that is not America).

2. It’s romantic. There I said it.

thor 2 review

NIce coat…cape. (totalfilm.com)

1. Portals, portals, and portals. Portals are awesome. And Thor: The Dark World has a lot of invisible portals. You don’t have to think about portals; you just have to watch them take people and objects to places. Thor: The Dark World is a portal-appreciation movie.