Guardians of the Galaxy Toys Announced: Line-Up Includes a 6” Wave and a Potential Spoiler



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With the news of the Marvel Legends line being tied-up with cinematic releases, collectors have speculated if the movies that’ll be released next year will have corresponding Legends waves with them. At SDCC 2013, it has been confirmed that both the Winter Soldier and Amazing Spiderman 2 movies will all have 6-inch figures with them. The X-Men Days of Future Past movie reportedly will also have legends figures released as part of the promotion.

The only movie that was in question of legends wave being tied to it is arguably, the main movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s phase 2: Guardians of the Galaxy. Well, Hasbro did show a screenshot of a Star Lord figure during this year’s SDCC. Collectors have gone back and forth if indeed the said figure will make way for a GOTG wave or it may be next year’s con exclusive.
Well the debate is now over as Collider has now reported the figure assortments for the movie. The list includes several 2-packs, a vehicle and Platinum Series Legends figures.

Here’s the link to the article:

Spoiler Alert: If you’ve been reading the GOTG comics, you know that Iron Man is heavily involved with the group but the figure assortment may have spoiled the movie itself if Tony Stark will be part of the movie.

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