Dead Trigger 2: Review



Developer: Madfinger Games

Platform/s: iOS, Android

The living just can’t get enough of the undead. From the good old classic zombie flicks like Night of the Living Dead, to the currently popular TV series The Walking Dead, and now to gaming applications, zombies are definitely hoarding the spotlight. Plants vs. Zombies might have been the first spark to ignite a firestorm, but for those who want more action, more blood, more gore, and more villains all in a pocket friendly package–Dead Trigger is the perfect game for you! Developed by Madfinger Games, this game has definitely devoured it’s way to my heart. And there’s more. A few weeks ago, they released Dead Trigger 2, and, personally, I think they nailed it with this one.

Bloody headshot! Hello, zombies.

Bloody headshot! Hello, zombies.

Dead Trigger 1 & 2 are first-person shooting games with great graphics, amazing sound effects, and the occasional a-bit-too-scary-zombie-that-causes-panic, and really challenging quests. This review will focus more on the Dead Trigger 2, since it’s the latest release and also because in my opinion, it’s so much better than its predecessor.

Let’s start with the classic story. A huge percentage of the population is infected with some strange virus that turns humans into zombies, killing and eating everything that is alive. Few people have survived and their mission is either to find a way to stop these zombies or at least escape from them. In Dead Trigger 2, the initial goals are to find people who will be of great help to the mission. A medic, an engineer, a gunsmith, a technician, a smuggler, etc. In contrast to Dead Trigger 1, which is just the player and the zombies, these new characters is definitely an improvement.



Weapons for the win!

Upgrading the machine gun. You collect blueprints of weapons by defeating the special zombies.

The game starts with a map of the USA. On the bottom part of the screen are buttons for the HIDEOUT and the USA. The members of the team are in the hideout, doing their specific roles. The medic makes painkillers, the gunsmith makes weapons, the engineers make bombs, and so on. Another great thing is that these team members can be upgraded through cash and with the upgrade, their skills and range of products improve as well. Even the weapons and supplies can be upgraded, depending on the level of your NPC buddies. For the USA map, you get to choose between side quests or the major missions related to the story. You can also choose the difficulty of the level per mission. Additional improvements include the addition of directional arrows so you can find your goals much faster, ammo refilling areas, and zombie radar that shows the location of nearby zombies on the screen.

The sun's up! And the zombies too.

The sun’s up! And the zombies too.

"Refill your ammos here. Limited supplies only."

“Ammo: Available until supplies last.”

For game play, I personally like the graphics and the sound effects, as well as how easy it is to control your character. That’s another thing, the control system used in Dead Trigger 2 is much better than the system they used in its predecessor. Just drag the crosshairs to the target and your weapon will automatically fire. If you don’t have a weapon,  your wrench starts hitting ’em zombies. However, you need to actually tap on the grenade to throw it at the zombies. Simply dragging  and pointing crosshairs at zombies might sound easy, but not when there are ten of them surrounding you—-and more are coming!

Scienfist! His weapons are melee and lethal radiation! Don't let him get too close.

Scienfist! His weapons are melee and lethal radiation! Don’t let him get too close.

Another major plus to Dead Trigger 2 is the introduction of “special zombies” who have advanced skills and are much stronger than your regular man-eating beasts. Other zombies would run to you, these special ones would take their time, damaging you from a distance. I’m at Level 5 and so far, the special zombies I’ve encountered are the Kamikaze, Scienfist, and the Vomitron. When they’re around, you really need to get your stuff together! Apparently, they’re not the bosses yet! Learn more about the zombies here.

Overall, I’ll give Dead Trigger 2 4.5 stars out of 5. The only downside is that it can’t be played offline! Fortunately, mobile internet, wifi connections in establishments, and pocket wifi devices are very common these days. So you’re in for a gory yet awesome adventure if you don’t mind being surrounded by zombies and shooting them with a wide variety of weapons, then you must download Dead Trigger 2. Interact with your team members in the hideout, select your missions, run through the city, collect cash and golds, upgrade your weapons, retrieve resources from crates to supplies to blueprints, rescue people, and do all sorts of exciting missions all along while fighting off zombies and their bosses!

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