The Lego Arkham Asylum That Took a Year to Build

Lego sets are a pain in the butt to buy right now what with all the taxes and stuff that you have to pay for for a flimsy set. The bigger ones will set you back a few thousand more. So imagine just how much money you’ll have to shell out in order to build THIS Lego Arkham Asylum set.

Lego Arkham Asylum

This set was created by Lego Master Builder Thorsten Bonsch aka Xenomurphy who created the playset from a pdf file that was posted online.  Check out a few photos from guide below:

Making of Arkham Asylum 01

Making of Arkham Asylum 41

Making of Arkham Asylum 27

So much dedication has been put in the creation of this playset. I’m brought to tears with the knowledge that Xenomurphy took so much detail with the different parts of this huge-ass asylum.

If you need further proof, take a look at how much thought process was used in having Poison Ivy‘s cell bursting with flora…

Making of Arkham Asylum 27

… and is that a custom Lego Clayface I see?

Making of Arkham Asylum 36

It’s just too ambitious and too grand and too beautiful. Just don’t forget to stock up on Lego Batman minifigs…

Making of Arkham Asylum 07


Source: Brothers-Brick EscapistMagazine