Lego-esque Modular Synth from Korg and littleBits


Modular synths have been around for years. Modular synths like the Moog 55 and the Korg MS-20 Mini (pictured below) consisted of separate modules but everything came in a single package or casing. These modules could then be connected using patch cables. However, Korg and littleBits have taken the concept a step further with their new synth kit.


The synth kit contains everything you need to build a working modular synthesizer include a speaker module, a power module, a keyboard, a micro sequencer, a mix module, a delay module, a split module, an envelope module, a random module, an oscillator module and an MS-20 style filter module.


As with other littleBits kits, the SYNTH KIT uses synth modules that are physically separate “blocks” that could be connected together with wires in a lego-esque fashion.


Similar systems have been built by home enthusiasts using a variety of parts and circuits but these builds can be very complex projects, well beyond the capabilities of the average adult, let alone the average child. littleBits and Korg aim to change that with their new synth kit.

The synth kit will retail for ¥16,000 and it will be initially released in Japan December this year. Hopefully, more news about an international release will soon be made public.

More About littleBits

littleBits is an innovative toy system that uses colour coded parts called “Bits modules” that can be connected using magnets to build anything from simple circuits to little moving machines.


littleBits has received over 20 awards and commendations and has been named the “Best of Toyfair 2012” by Popular Science. In addition to this, a littleBits kit has been acquired by the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) as part of its permanent collection. Learn more about littleBits here.

Here’s a little video about the Korg and littleBits synth kit.