The Music Box: Marshall Mathers LP 2


Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP 2 will hit the shelves and iTunes tomorrow, November 5, 2013. Slim has been one of—if not—the biggest hip-hop acts of this generation. We fell in love with his anti-heroic and no holds barred style which was very present during the early to mid part of his career. He then lost some of his steam during the release of his past two albums, Relapse and Recovery.

It is quite evident that Slim Shady has lost some of the angst and craziness that made him a rap phenomenon and we, his fans are clamoring for that anger to come back. We’ll after listening to the whole album (which can be streamed for free on iTunes), all I can say is he is f@#$*&g back!!!!!

Gone are the days of Eminem holding back on his lyrics and antics, Mr. Mathers has found his groove again and more. The order in which the tracks have been organized is pretty neat. From the get go, you can feel a build up to something that’ll get you pumped up and can make you itch to go to the gym and go beast mode. The track entitled as “Survival” is without a doubt the anthem track from this release. The single is perfect for getting hyped-up for work or for any physical activity. The combination of Slim’s verses and guitar riffs do make you feel as if you are going into war.

The album’s lead single “Berzerk” has that Beastie Boys feel to it. A mix of rock and hip-hop along with Eminem’s crazy lyrics make this one of the tracks that you have to listen to. My jaw has already dropped with all of the tracks having an excellent mix of catchy beats and Marshall’s sick flow but then he follows it up with what I believe the most in your face track in years.

Rap God” in my opinion, has been the song we have been waiting for years. The song starts with a slow rap but then picks up pace in the 1st verse. The track then transitions to another breather but after that, it is all balls to the wall. Eminem then unleashes a storm halfway into the track, and if that isn’t enough, he then finishes it off with his verse towards the end of the song.

After reclaiming what I believe is his throne, he then goes experimental on the succeeding tracks. The song “Monster” features renowned R&B singer Rihanna and I believe these two have an outstanding chemistry between them. This is definitely the song which has the most pop elements, but that doesn’t mean it’s your typical poppy hip-hop song.

Another notable collaboration in this album can be found in the track entitled “Love Game”. Eminem shares the spotlight with arguably his heir apparent Kendrick Lamar. Listening to this song gave me Goosebumps and it felt like Michael Jordan and LeBron James are sharing the court with one another. The talks about love but in a very comedic manner, as we are used to hearing Slim Shady dropping verses on a comedy track what surprised me was how Kendrick Lamar’s flow fit into this track.

Overall, this album has been superb. The beats are amazing, Slim’s rap game is back to where it belongs and the transition from song to song has been excellent. This is truly the album we have been waiting for and aside from a few clunky lines and beats; this could probably end up as THE album of the year.

Grade: 94/100

Again, the Marshall Mathers LP 2 will be dropping tomorrow and I suggest that you do purchase this one folks!