Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Review

Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger is a perfect mix of what makes Super Sentai shows interesting. It’s a light hearted romp filled with friendship, bravery, mechanical dinosaurs and samba.


What makes it Tick:

The cast of characters fall under certain types of archetypes you’ve already seen in various Sentai shows like Zyurangers (which are the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in the USA) and more recent stuff like Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. But given the sheer number of different sentai teams that have been created, it’s really a mix of different personalities. Kyoryu Red, Daigo or King to his friends is a happy and optimistic leader, Ian is the hotshot playboy and the strong mysterious type, Ami is the rich girl with a lot to prove, Souji is the stoic teenage swordsman and Nobuharu is the team’s designated strong man with the heart of gold.

The pairing works for some comedic atmosphere once in awhile and then easily shifts to high-octane action. Although to be honest, at my age, it’s fairly hard to really call it ‘high octane’ but it’s still action that kids and adults who grew up on sentai would love.

The enemies are as endearing as the heroes in this sentai series primarily Joyful Knight Canderrilla and Funfilled Spy Luckyuro. If they weren’t in cahoots with the main baddie Deboss, they’d fit perfectly as foils to our heroes. Luckyuro, in fact, holds the key to making the week’s villain grow to zord-ish proportions. Still they are pretty neat and I’d love to see them week in and week out.


The zords that they use here are as integral to the genre. The last series I’ve seen where the zords were as this integral to the story was back when I was addicted to Power Rangers Wild Force (aka Gaorangers). And rather than just play with what’s been established, producers made something new as in, made the zords actually work in tandem with a ranger (that being Kyoryu Red).


The humor here needs a bit of getting used to. It can be jarring at first but you’ll be giggling at some of the series’ running gags and plots such as Nossan (KyoryuBlue) and his old-man jokes, the cutesy jealosy/ love triangle between Ami, King and KyoryuViolet’s Yayoi. Oh and lets not forget about Utchy and his naturally funny antics.

tl;dr = Kyoryuger is a light and bubbly sentai series, made possibly in the veins of Akibaranger. There’s tons of laughs and even loads of action. Good call in building character for both the heroes and villains side. Great choice with the zords although a bit limited IMHO.