Amazing X-Men # 1 Review

Here’s our Amazing X-Men # 1 Review. The issue was written by Jason Aaron with art by Ed McGuiness.

amazing x-men 1 variant cover- header

Amazing X-Men # 1 is an excellent return to form for team Wolverine. If you must know Wolverine and the X-Men kinda hurts to read lately what with all the jumbles that’s happened over the past year or so.

Amazing however is different. The way I see it, the book took a page out of the recently concluded Astonishing X-Men which featured a definite group of mutants under ‘Team Wolverine” which let them shine. Rather than go for the character driven plot we loved from Marjorie Liu’s run, we get high stakes adventures; or at least that’s what the book is trying to tell us if you read between the lines.

Still there’s no lack of characterization here. It’s pretty neat that we get to see how the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning works on a regular day when no one’s out to burn the school down or pick a fight with either the students or the teachers.

amazing x-men 1 variant cover

The book also showcases two important returning characters. One is obviously Nightcrawler who has big ties to what happens in the book. The second is Angelica Jones, Firestar, who joins the school as a new teacher.

As usual, it takes a lot of getting used too the way things were drawn here by Ed McGuiness. I like his cartoony style/ approach for the book. Speaking of cartoony, get your nostalgia on as we get two thirds of the main cast of ‘Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends” in this book.

spidey amazing friends header

If anyone is keeping tabs, this issue also answers the question as to why there are bamfs running around the school.

This is a solid start for AMAZING X-MEN # 1 and I sincerely hope the quality doesn’t drop.