Star Wars: Tiny Death Star – First Impressions

Tiny Death Star

Capitalism is the name of the game in Star Wars: Tiny Death Star as the Emperor Palpatine comes up with a way to fund the construction of a Death Star. You’ll be working for the Empire so you take your missions from the Emperor, building the needed levels while watching out for rebel spies and aiding their capture. But while the Emperor is keen on generating credits, the true purpose of the Death Star is also realized when you build secret Imperial levels below.

To get started, you build a residential level where Bitizens, the residents of the Death Star, move in. Bitizens don’t live for free in the Death Star though so you put them to work by building commercial levels where they can seek employment. These levels are split into different types and the best way to earn the most credits is to match Bitizens with their dream jobs and skill levels. Tiny Death Star is very similar to Tiny Tower in gameplay so if you’ve played the latter you’ll have a good idea how everything works.

Build levels! Support the Empire!

The best thing about Tiny Death Star is that it is playable by all. Whether you’re a fan of the franchise or are simply looking for a cute game to play, it’s going to fit very well. If you’re a fan, you’re going to be doubly delighted at the fact that each Star Wars character has been perfectly rendered into 8-bit Bitizens. Even all of the Star Wars classics have been converted into 8-bit lounge music to give the game the right feel. (Also, this proves that Star Wars music could work in establishments in the real world.)

Get your missions from the Emperor

The worst thing about Tiny Death Star is its pacing. At first, there will be a lot to do, with the Emperor barking out missions for you to complete, but as the levels become operational you start encountering lag time. At the most, your job will be to ensure that all levels stay open so they keep earning credits, which only entails keeping all stores stocked. You’ll also be manning the elevator so it’s up to you to get Bitizens to the floor they want to go to. And between stocking products and going up and down on an elevator, there’s only so much excitement headed your way. From time to time though, you will also be tasked with helping someone find a Bitizen in the Death Star or assisting in the capture of rebel spies. (Princess Leia, in particular, does a lot of running around in the Death Star.) Aside from giving you a break from stocking shelves and elevator duty, accomplishing these tasks let you earn Imperial Bux, in-game currency necessary for upgrades and speeding up missions.

Unlock characters to complete the Album

Overall, Tiny Death Star is cute and engaging enough to try out. And because it’s free, it’s totally harmless to do so too. It may not be the first Star Wars-related game to come out for mobile devices, but it’s definitely one of the best at capturing the general feel of a franchise that has captivated millions.

Rating: 4.5/5
Platform: iOS/Android
Developer: NimbleBit
Publisher: LucasArts