Hasbro Marvel Legends Rocket Raccoon Wave

I’ll be completely honest, it’s my favorite wave next to the 1st wave/series of Return of Marvel Legends Terrax Wave. Why? Simply because of Wrecker and Jean Grey. Sadly, the “Variant Issue” is still on and getting them all may take a while. Only Deadpool and Future Foundation Dr. Doom are the ones that popped out. Anyway, going back — this wave includes some great characters like Jean Grey, Wrecker and Hawkeye. I would love to see the variants of Jean Grey and Hawkeye but that’s still (like I said) an issue that needs to be fixed.

Anyway, I got mine quite a bit early since a good friend of mine, Jason got a set from Hong Kong. The character selection is pretty awesome and balanced. The assortment I got includes 90s Jean Grey, Wrecking Crew’s Wrecker, Thunderbolts Punisher, Modern Hawkeye, Scarlet Spider, Black Panther and the Build-A-Figure, Rocket Raccoon.

My only issue with this series is the BAF. I’m already good with the selection of characters and their respective molds but Rocket Raccoon, given its scale and dynamic background — lacks the necessary articulation. From the waist down, it’s just a fixed position for the legs which is accompanied by the Tail which also functions as a stand. I mean, it’s already a small BAF compared to the ones we get before (even though they never mentioned a fixed scale for BAFs), this is just disappointing. Okay, yeah, sure — we already got Hit-Monkey for a BAF which is fairly articulated then when Rocket Raccoon came, Hasbro decided to take out the lower body articulation.

Well, that’s a long rant but just to keep it balanced and all, I do love the fact that (finally!) we got a 90s version of Jean Grey that sport a new head sculpt and accessories. Sadly, the Jim Lee Cyclops we have is too thin for this Jean Grey.

Anyway, here are the reviews I made for each figure from this wave/assortment. Don’t forget to subscribe for more!