5 Underrated All-Girl Bands You Must Listen To

If you’re looking for leg-kicking gals dancing to K-pop, then you’re in the wrong page. If you are, however, looking for music (old or new) that you might have passed up on, then here’s a short list of all-female bands that you must listen to. This list is in no particular order, just a hodge-podge of good music.

1. The Donnas


If you get past the cheeky Donna aliases, you’ll see that this movie and video game soundtrack favourite has more to offer than just cutesy girl antics. With guitar riffs reminiscent of bands like The Cult and AC/DC, this is one band that brings back old school rock music to the forefront. Beyond the girly-punk vocals is a rawness that’s upfront in a “here we are, deal with it” kind of way. These self-taught musicians have been making music since 1993 and achieved commercial success in 2001. The album versions of the songs tend to be very pop-rock so I prefer listening to their grittier live performances.

Some of my favourite tracks from their Spend the Night Album are Please Don’t Tease and Who Invited You. Gold Medal is a bit more mellow and cleaned up with notable songs like Fall Behind Me and I Don’t Want to Know. If you’re more into 80s rock, then look up their album Bitchin’.

 2. The Runaways



Almost everyone knows Joan Jett. With a movie under her belt and a romantic fling with Carmen Electra, this girl knows how to get our attention. Before Joan Jett and the Blackhearts churned out hits such as “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll”, she was a part of the all-girl band The Runaways in the 70’s. They were never a commercial hit in the US but gained a loyal following in Japan. Disagreements between band members and other drama eventually led to the dissolution of the band. In the 4 short years that they were together though, they created several memorable songs like School Days, California Paradise and Cherry Bomb.

3. Chatmonchy


This is a recent find but they quickly occupied a space in my heart. It wouldn’t have been right to make a list like this and not revisit the land of girl bands, Japan. With energy-infused pop rock melodies, you won’t even mind that the lyrics are in Japanese.  Tracks to listen to include Koi ne Kemuri, Yes or No Love, and Hana no Yume. If they sound familiar, it’s because their single Daidai was used as the twelfth ending theme song for Bleach.

4. Death by Tampon


Death by Tampon is a 4-piece local rock band composed of Mich Dulce on vocals, Rin Bautista and Goldie Poblador on guitars, Laurie Maravilla on bass and Lara Agulto on drums. Taking influences from the Riot Grrrl movement, the result is feisty rock music that is both empowering and controversial. The band’s sweet and crisp vocals is the perfect contrast to its heavy aggressive music. Unlike other local acts with the doubler ridden radio tunes nowadays (Gracenote, I am talking about you), the band’s vocals sound just as good live as they do on their unreleased EP. Even though estrogen-charged angsty female lyrics aren’t your cup of tea, one cannot deny the musicality, catchy riffs and killer bass lines behind their songs. Standout singles include Statutory Rape, Let’s Go Metro and Marilyn Monroe.

5. Sahara Hotnights


The last all-female band to make it to this list is Sahara Hotnights. Although they are quite popular in their home country, Sweden, I am surprised that these gals aren’t famous throughout the globe. With wonderfully crafted songs that you can listen to any time of the day, it’s a definite must-hear. The only downside to wonderfully consistent bands like this is that it’s hard to pick a favourite track. If you want something reminiscent of 90s alternative grunge with a hint of punk, then go for their C’mon Let’s Pretend (Drive Dead Slow) and Jennie Bomb album (No Big Deal and Alright, Alright (Here’s My Fist Where’s the Fight ). For feel-good, play-anywhere music, Kiss & Tell is a must-hear with tracks like Empty Heart and Hot Night Crash. Better yet, just check out all of their albums.

If you think I missed any of your favourite all-female bands, let me know in the comments below!