Uncanny X-Men # 14 Review

Comic book review for Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men # 14 by Brian Michael Bendis and Chris Bachalo.


Aside from this issue being semi-controversial thanks to the outing of young mutant Benjamin Deeds as a gay character (which is perfectly fine in our book) this book fleshes out a character to the point where he’s shining bright like a diamond.

It’s very rare that we get a solo issue where despite all the talking, things are shaping up and UXM # 14 just does that brilliantly. We’re privy into the training that Cyclops’ new mutant students go through on a regular ‘school day’ climaxing with a confrontation between the aforementioned Deeds and the fallen leader of mutantkind.

So what’s to like about the book:

– Deeds is stepping out of his shell, giving us another positive gay character that actually has meaning (looking at you DC Comics and you too New 52 Alan Scott).


– This could be an appetizer for those one-shots starring the younger students together with older team members. For all we know we could be looking at a Magneto – Tempus team up in the future.

– Emma Frost and Ilyanna Rasputin in this issue is fun. Bendis writes Emma Frost so great that despite her being a mean bitch and all, you still got to love her sardonic wit and her class. Plus the fact that when she and Ilyanna go out for a night at the town, things tend to get ‘stolen’.

– On Deed’s powers, it seems like the Uncanny X-Men has gotten themselves a working, kick-ass transmorph. It’s been ages since the X-Men had a shapeshifter working for them and I cannot wait to see how Deeds will prove himself as an X-Men.

– On the storyline, it looks like Bendis and his crew will be focusing on the rising threat of S.H.I.E.L.D. and their own Sentinel army. Kudos to Battle of the Atom (regardless of how confusing it might’ve gone) for giving a clear cut direction for the book for the foreseeable future.

VERDICT: 8.5 / 10