Who Would Most Probably Die in Uncanny Avengers # 14

Marvel did not hype up a character death in the pages of Rick Remender’s Uncanny Avengers # 14 but now people are starting to talk about it.


So who could it be?

Rumor has it that this time it’s going to be starting member Rogue that bites the bullet. When last we see her in issue 13 she’s gearing up to fight the Apocalypse Twins (not to mention rescue Wolverine from Daken’s captivity together with Sunfire).

If the rumors are true, Rogue’s death would also be poignant in the sense that at the end of her ‘life’ she really did put money where her money is; what with her looking down of Avengers Unity (re: Uncanny Avenger) team mate Scarlet Witch for the whole ‘no more mutants’ decree years back.

UA coipel

Spoilers have been scarce at the moment but there’s really some weight to the rumors. For one, Rogue isn’t headlining a comic book for quite some time. She was the lead back then for X-Men Legacy but that was momentary. She’s also a member of Wolverine’s X-Men squad but she’s really been out of the picture ever since the events of AVX.

Rogue’s also an active member of Brian Wood‘s X-Men book but with the second arc well underway (entitled ‘Ghosts’), Rogue is again visibly absent.

We’ll know for sure tomorrow whether or not it’s really Rogue that gets killed off in Uncanny Avengers # 14.