Jergens Correa’s Massive Darth Vader Collection

Welcome to the first ever pop for Pop Goes Manila‘s new column “Go Pop Your Shelf” where we feature collectors of every kind. This post is long overdue and the collector we’re featuring is a personal friend who just so happens to have a huge collection of  Darth Vader merch and toys; and since the new trilogy’s already being made by J.J. Abrams we figured why the hell not. So here’s Mr. Jergens Correa’s darkside worthy Vader collection.


The collection’s been growing for years and last I checked there were still a couple of things lacking from the collection. Still, it is an impressive shelf if seen by other Star Wars fans.

I feel that the real icing to the cake though is this costume. That’s pretty bad ass.


Bonus brownie points for having the Star Wars pop-up book.


The Force is truly strong with this one.