Ominous Site With A Familiar Logo Surfaces; Could it Be Fallout 4?

In today’s world, companies make use of innovative advertising campaigns to capture the audience’s attention. Just a few months ago, Samsung launched the Winner Takes Earth campaign which freaked out a lot of people. This tactic of using our fear of the unknown was also used by the movie 2012 by launching materials that made some of us believe that the world was supposed to end last year.

Well, it looks like another campaign has been launched using the same kind of tactic. A cryptic website was launched last month that shows a black screen with a familiar image—that is if you are a gamer. The site has been updated with cryptic messages in the form of Morse codes and the phrase “Nuclear Winter Has Come”.


Before I scare the living stuffing out of you, here is a link to the website:

Now about that familiar logo and the also familiar font, both elements are quite familiar. If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, then here’s a fist bump for you. The logo looks a lot like Vault Tec’s logo and the font they are using was used in a video game franchise that has bagged numerous awards. Add the fact that they are emphasizing the phrase “Nuclear winter has come” and the term survivor.
Well, here’s another fist bump if you are familiar with the franchise I’m talking about. So what video game franchise is it? Well, it’s made by Bethesda, kinda like Skyrim but with a 1950’s post apocalyptic setting. Yeah, I’m talking about the Fallout series.

Some people have said that this site will probably be where Fallout 4 will be unveiled, while others have said it’s a hoax. Well, there’s a countdown going on in the side and in 7 days or in 12.11.13 we will know more about this website.

By the way, if you’re getting curious about the message that’s on the website you can search the net for translations and all.

So are we going to see the next great game from Bethesda?