Scott Snyder Announces Changes and Teases New Character

Scott Snyder just shared some updates on his Batman book in line with the ongoing ZERO YEAR storyline plus did a couple more things.


Credits: DC Comics

The short of this is that Snyder and co. will be bumping up the official ending for the current story arc “Zero Year” to Batman issue 29 giving way to a ‘special issue’ in issue 28. Issue 28 was where the arc’s ending was and was solicited for February 2014. Things change and we get a special tale written by Snyder with artist Dustin Nguyen for 28.

The story flash-forwards to today where we catch up to the comings-and-goings in Gotham City. Obviously we’ll be getting Batman action with some Bat-Family appearances (hopefully). One thing is certain, this new character – drawn and designed by Nguyen will be there too.

Could this be the future of Harper Row?