Review: Origin II # 1

Here’s our review for Origin II # 1 by Kieron Gillen and Adam Kubert


It’s hard to take this seriously as it’s obviously another way for Marvel to grab money. Fortunately for us, the actual product is pretty good. We got Gillen’s scripting prowess and depth. It’s almost meta in nature as he weaves a story that catches up with a young adult James Howlett post-Origin.

In this issue we see Logan as he lives a life of a wolf-man or somebody who has been accepted into a pack of wolves in the Canadian wilderness. Much like life, things go south for the favorite Canuck and he’s once again thrust into this world of anguish, pain, betrayal and death.


Adam Kubert’s exceeds expectations here. His work was crappy back when AVX ended but before that, I was totally floored with Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine. And now it’s back to the latter’s quality. Panels look visually gorgeous and the coloring done by Frank Martin.

Everything about the issue is well thought of, which practically destroyed my notion that the book was going to be horrible because Paul Jenkins and Andy Kubert is no longer part of the project. Putting Logan in a situation where he’s acclimated to a ‘family’ only to see it get ripped apart in front of him has been done to death but Gillen manages to surprises us with how much we can actually connect with non-human characters like Logan’s pack and even a very lost Polar bear.

All in all we here at Pop Goes Manila highly recommend picking up Origin II # 1 from your local comic stores.

P.S. so much feels for this one.