Boys Over Flowers has a US Version

Viki and Japanator reports that there’s a Boys Over Flowers remake being created as we speak in the US. I would like to tell the story but I’ll skip it and assume that we’re all familiar with Shan Cai/ Jan Di/ Tsukushi Makino and her ties to the glamorous F4.


They tweaked the title a little bit and made it “Boys Before Friends“. In fact they already have a teaser and some synopsis

Zoey, a dancer from a middle class family, gets accepted to an elite program for the rich and famous her final year of Grad-School. The school is run by 4 guys from the most elite families in the country known as the F4. When Zoey stands up to the F4, she finds herself on the bad end of their temper before finally falling in love with the leader.


Leave comments below if this adaptation is up your alley or it’s not.