Dirv’s Review Corner: Sony Playstation 4

What’s up guys? Dirv here, back for another review and boy oh boy we have a big one today!


The wait is finally over, next-gen consoles have finally arrived–and being the loyal Playstation fanboy I am, it was too obvious that I’ll be going for the PS4, Sony Playstation 4. I got my system about a week ago and in that time, I familiarized myself with the new features that the PS4 comes with. Well, here are the new features about the PS4:


* New Dualshock 4 controller that looks way different than its predecessors. The controller now has a touchpad (which you can also click) which is very useful in scrolling maps and files. The usual select-start button come has now been replaced by the share and options buttons. The analog sticks and shoulder buttons have also been modified for better function.


* The design of the console is more edgy and in a literal way. The PS4 has distanced itself from the “domey” feel of its predecessor, it is also smaller and has air vents at the front and left side, while the exhaust is still in the back.

* Gone are the days of those tri-colored jacks. The PS4 comes with its own hdmi cable and will now be only compatible with hdmi-ready tv sets (shame on you if you still want to play next-gen games in SD).

* The XMB has been changed to be more user-friendly. Gone are the numerous tabs under it, now everything you need is a click away.

* A new scheme has been implemented for the multiplayer functions, yes you now have to subscribe to the PS+ feature–which means, you have to pay in order to play. The PSS+ status though comes with several perks that will surely make subscribing well worth it.

* You can now also play while downloading updates. This function gets a thumbs-up from me since I’ll be able to play the game instead of staring at my screen waiting for it to signify that the update has now been completely downloaded.

* The games do carry the same region coding for which PSN account it is compatible. The good thing is we now have games released that can accommodate all regions, which is a very big plus especially if you want a game that is released elsewhere.

* Lastly, you can now share and stream your gaming experience with your friends, with one press of the the DS4’s share button. Now you can brag about beating a very difficult boss or how you lambasted your friend in NBA 2K14–with proof!

The Playstation 4 is one hell of a machine. Lots of strengths but with minimal weaknesses. Still, the system is still in its infancy stage and we have to wait for a year or so until it slowly gets maximized by gaming companies. A region 3 PS4 unit will cost you around 23,500-26,000 php and games are priced at around 2,000-3,000+ php depending on the region.


My final verdict for the PS4: 9/10 DS4 Controllers!