Young Avengers # 15 Review

There’s a lot of things about this issue of Young Avengers. One it’s got a collection of some of the best artists including (but not limited to) Becky Cloonan and Jamie McKelvie.

Young Avengers v2 015-000-header

Secondly, it’s a fitting close to the volume’s long running story arc and there’s no punches landed. It’s all about exposition and characterization. Plus there’s also fallout from the decisions that was done by some of the members of the team.

The dialogue here – excellent. Every character had his or her own voice, each one gives off the emotion and hell, even Noh-Varr’s misery after making the wrong decision weighs heavy for the readers. All that is candy wrapped in a teen superhero story.

There’s a variety of artists in this book, some of them are new guys while others are big names who’ve worked with Gillen in the past including Jamie McKelvie (Phonogram). Becky Cloonan’s art and segment was the sure win too. Totally worth every peso you pay for the book.

Young Avengers v2 015-000

Young Avengers # 15 ended in such a bittersweet fashion that you’ll probably want to look back at the past 15 issues and just really embrace it. It’s also a great way to start the next chapter of these heroes lives, particularly Loki, who got what he wanted and becomes this Tom Hiddleston-esque character who’ll star in a new book, Loki: Agent of Asgard.

What sucks though is the vague ending with which we never did find out who will become the new Patriot, the same Patriot that Prodigy was spotted talking to after his near kiss with teenage Loki.

In closing, I just want to say that Young Avengers # 15 is one hell of a teen book. Consistently entertaining and always smartly written, this book, no, this iteration of the Young Avengers will be sorely missed once Marvel decides to roll out a new volume.

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