Teen Wolf: They’ll rip your throat out with their teeth

teen-wolf-tyler-posey (1)

Unlike Twilight’s massive, shift into one big fluffy wolf any time of the day with any unwanted help from the full moon pretend werewolves, the werewolves of MTV’s hit series Teen Wolf, have serious issues with the moon, other werewolves, silver and…giant murderous lizards?

Teen Wolf, which is a remake of Michael J Fox’s 1985 comedy, airs the second part of its third season early January, is created and produced by Jeff Davis (creator “Criminal Minds”). It is set in the fictional town of Beacon Hills, in the equally fictional Beacon County, California. It stars Tyler Posey (“Maid In Manhattan,” 2002) as asthmatic, trying to get in the lacrosse team Scott McCall, who gets bitten by a werewolf in the forest in the middle of the night while out with his best friend Stiles Stilinski, played by Dylan O’Brien (“The First Time,” 2012), looking for a dead body. He works for the town veterinarian, Dr Alan Deaton played by Seth Gilliam (TV’s “The Wire” 2002-2008), falls in love with a werewolf hunter, Allison Argent played by Crystal Reed (“Crush,” 2013), and mistakes another werewolf Derek Hale played by Tyler Hoechlin (“Road to Perdition,” 2002, yes, he was THAT kid), for biting him. Stiles has a girl, too, Lydia Martin played by Holland Roden. Apparently, werewolves have ranks, Derek is a Beta, and only an Alpha’s bite can turn someone into a creature of the night. So if he didn’t bite Scott, who’s the Alpha?

Teen Wolf is pretty much just high school, with mean teachers and detention, pretty girls and sex, only you have an entire clan of werewolves owning a big chunk of land in the nearby forest, and werewolf hunters harassing your neighbourhood werewolves from time to time. No biggie. They can totally handle it.


Most of the acting is pretty good, too. For me, they’re all new faces. I’ve only ever seen Tyler Posey in ‘Maid in Manhattan’ who played little Ty, Jenifer Lopez’s son. He’s really good at the puppy dog eyes. Which is good, because he’s a werewolf.

Dylan O’Brien, who plays Stiles, whom I’ve never seen before, is exceptionally talented. He can go from hyperactive, sarcastic Stiles, to a more vulnerable, broken teen in a snap. And he can bring tears to your eyes, especially when he’s in the same scene with Sheriff Stilinski, his father, who is played by Linden Ashby (“Mortal Kombat,” 1995).

Colton Haynes (TV’s “Arrow”), another unfamiliar face for me, plays Jackson Whittemore, captain of the lacrosse team. He is amazing at playing a jerk jock who bullies Scott and Stiles endlessly. Sadly, after the second season, he left Teen Wolf and joined ‘Arrow’ as Roy Harper.


And the eye candy of season one, Tyler Hoechlin, needs a little bit more work on his acting, but you won’t notice that if you keep staring at his beautiful face and abs;  he is pretty good, don’t get me wrong, especially at the scowling and the growling. They couldn’t have picked anyone better. He’s also sort of the epitome of werewolf physique, and every wolf seems to be going in his direction when it comes to the body building part.

For me the reason why I got hooked on this show was the characters. The story is good, if a little infuriating. There’s just something about each and every one of them that makes you love them. It might be Scott’s innocence (or stupidity), Stiles’ sarcasm, Allison’s badassery or Derek’s guilt and pain that makes you want to give him a hug (or a feel, because he’s, y’know, totally gorgeous). But what I love about them most is their background. Their backstories don’t really get mentioned much, but being left hanging gives the viewer so many ideas on why these characters are who they are. Why Stiles talks too much, or why Derek never talks. And the evilness about the supernatural things they face keeps me coming back for more.

One thing that leaves me in awe about Teen Wolf is that nobody cares if you’re gay or straight. According to Jeff Davis, Teen Wolf is set in his ideal world, where homophobia does not exist. For example, Danny Mahealani played by Keahu Kahuani, Jackson’s best friend, who is gay, offers Stiles, a virgin, some lifesaving sex. And you’ll have to watch the series to know why Stiles needed sex to save his life. That’s in season three so you have a little catching up to do.


I guess my favourite thing about this show is everybody’s chemistry with each other. Posey and Reed are adorable when in the same scene together, and O’Brien and Hoechlin’s love-hate relationship is too cute too ignore. MTV has already used the Stiles-Derek (Sterek) ship to their advantage.

What MTV promised with Teen Wolf was horror. It wasn’t really horror in the first two seasons. The third one, which had just come back this January 6th with the second half of its third season, is seriously picking up the pace. The first half was terrifying in terms of the body count, and the Pack of Alphas. That pretty much is scary, especially those who have seen what an Alpha werewolf is capable of doing.

The first half was about a Pack of Alphas coming for Scott, and basically ruining everybody’s lives. The Alpha of the Alpha pack, Deucalion, the apex of apex predators, is played by Gideon Emery (“Battlefield 3,” 2011). His puppies, twin alphas Ethan and Aiden are played by Charlie and Max Carver (TV’s “Desperate Housewives,” 2008-2012); Kali, a werewolf who likes using her claws on her feet, is played by Felisha Terrel (TV’s “Days of Our Lives,” 2009); and Ennis, a strong, silent type of wolf who has a history with the Argent and Hale families, is played by Brian Patrick Wade (TV’s “Generaltion Kill,” 2008).


The second half of the third season has a new addition, Kira, played by Arden Cho (“Tomb Raider,” 2013). It is about a kitsune (Japanese, literally: fox), a Japanese trickster spirit, and the effects of a sacrifice Stiles, Scott and Allison made at the end of the first half of the season that is making them lose their minds. Stiles can’t tell if he’s dreaming or awake, Scott has little control of his wolf and might wolf out any second, and Allison can’t seem to escape her family.  Hopefully, Stiles, Scott and Allison escape this season with their sanity intact.