Justice League War Review

The awesomeness of Justice League: War and it’s making fans berserk. This animated movie is an adaptation of the first story arc for the Justice League book by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee.

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Equal parts abhorred and equal parts loved. Here’s my Justice League War review.

The film is set five years (or at least that’s how it happened in the New 52-verse) before the current storylines and chronicles the formation of the League due to the invasion of Darkseid and his Parademons.

The title says it all, WAR, and that’s what this will give you. a lot of fight scenes and teamwork which paves the foundation for the Justice League. It’s quite mystifying to watch actually when it’s your first time. There are a couple of lines that will elicit a chuckle or two and lots of eye candy too. That being said, Justice League: War is far from perfect.

You’re Strong


One of the strong points of War is that it’s to some extent fan service. It’s been awhile since there was any Justice League related DC animated project and it’s set in the New 52 Universe. As a fan you’ll get excited seeing some panels from “Origin” jump into your screen but then you realize what’s next.

The comic book had a problem but the creators of this animated movie didn’t have that, they just built up on momentum until we finally reach the moment when Darkseid’s ass gets handed to him by the non-JLAers.

Depending on how you see the SupermanWonder Woman relationship happening in the DCU at the moment, you’ll also be happy that it’s going that direction. The dialogues were great especially the ones that were delivered by Green Lantern and Batman. The addition of Shazam also spiced things up and while some fans hated his inclusion, his makes more sense than Aquaman at the moment.

I love the fact that DC has finally moved on from making The Flash aka Barry Allen the laughing stock/ comedy relief and gave it to Hal Jordan. The guy should be taken seriously now.

You are a warrior, not a child. Now follow me to victory!

I’m actually a bit antsy about the minor changes they’ve done on characters here as far as characterization goes. Batman is spooky and serious but Superman is a smug bastard in this movie. Alan Tudyk (Dutch in Transformers 3) plays Clark Kent here and he’s great and all that but this really isn’t the Superman I grew up with. Since we’re still dealing with Superman, he’s drawn horribly here. Me no gusta.

Darkseid also goes from master manipulator of old to just an oversized brute, still works but it’s a matter of preference. Batman was great but the voice acting done by Jason Mara was ick ick ick.


Lastly, is it just me or did DC just basically recycle some stuff from Young Justice and transpose it over to Justice League: War? I mean we’ve got T.O. Morrow looking like  random scientist from YJ and there’s a whole lot more.


I personally file Justice League: War as a nice movie. Peel away all the exciting and hype worthy stuff and you’ll be looking at something that’s good but could have been better; and I’m writing this with a heavy heart mind you because of the way things panned out, I was hoping for more. But if you’re just in this for the action, you’ll be happy to know that it’s full of that and some interesting surprises.