Dirv’s Review Corner: 300: Rise of an Empire

When I first watched 300 back in 2007, I was amazed how they mixed a historical event it fantasy very well. Not to mention the uber-macho fighting and well six packs that came with the movie itself. The movie had a rather tragic ending that left us all wondering what would happen next.


Well, after 7 years, Warner Bros. released the sequel titled 300: Rise of an Empire. The follow-up to the 2007 hit gave viewers a broader view of the event which was the Persian invasion of Greece. Introduced early-on was the Athenian general Themistocles (played by Sullivan Stapleton) and his attempt to drive-off an invasion which was lead by King Darius. The Athenian was found to be the cause of what transpired during the first movie.

After a few years removed from that event, the Greeks are planning to unite all of their city states to combat the returning Persian forces that are now being lead by Darius’ son, Xerxes—yup that, golden bald guy who looked like Dhalsim with more make-up. Themistocles tried to convince Spartan queen Gorgo to lend their forces to the unified army to combat the impending juggernaut that they will encounter but that effort came to vain.


The hero of Athens went toe to toe and brain for brain against Artemisia (played by Eva Green and was based off Queen Artemisia I). Artemisia is one bad bitch to be honest. She was a citizen of Greece that swore vengeance after hoplites raped and murdered her family. She was then found by the Persian emissary—yes, that dude that got kicked into the pit in the first movie—and was trained to be the perfect warrior.

Well, she became Darius’ greatest General and became the Admiral of his army. She always played a vital role in turning Xerxes from a devastated prince to the God King that everyone feared.

The film’s battle scenes happened in the sea which is known historically as the Artemisian Wars. Themistocles and Artemisia tried to out-strategize one another with the use of several naval strategies. The climax of the movie was one you should not miss and certainly the ending gave me a hint of a third installment.


The sequel was way smarter in my opinion than the first one. Yes, the Battle of Thermopylae was legendary for how Leonidas and his men used nature to combat a massive squadron of warriors. Battling in sea though showcased more tactics and I can say that they were really brilliant.

Another plus were the flashbacks that they showed. How Xerxes turned into the God King and how Artemisia became the female embodiment of Death.

Speaking of Artemisia, Eva Green stole the show by portraying a cunning yet capable villain. She reminds me of the stereotypical psycho-ex that will haunt you in your dreams. Honestly, she carried the role of the primary villain well and showed viewers how powerful a woman can be.


Lastly, I’m scared of blood—yes, I am—but Rise of an Empire continued to use the video game style blood that its predecessor used. The visuals we’re great and it really fit that mix between history and fantasy.

Well, some scenes were really cut badly. They felt skipped and made me say WTF in all honesty. Then, the final battle focused on the two main characters and never gave a conclusion to other secondary characters namely the other soldiers who fought against the Persians.

Best Line:

“You fight harder than you fuck” – Artemisia

Final Verdict:

It was a fun and cool movie. Way better than the first? Yup! Though it has some flaws, 300: Rise of an Empire was worth it and I’m suggesting it to everyone.

Grade: 7.5/10 Six-Packed Greek Soldiers

Big thanks to Solaire Resort and Earl Maghirang for giving me the chance to watch this movie and write the review that you are reading right now.