Spider-Man Teams Up with other Spider-Men in Spider-Verse

Writer Dan Slott and artist Olivier Coipel is looking to have the returning Peter Parker aka the Amazing Spider-Man team up with other versions of himself from the past, future and even alternate realities in the book SPIDER-VERSE.


And in case you’re wondering who these guys are, Newsarama provides the answers:

2099, Wolf, Noir, Earth X, Ghost Spider, Kwaku Anansi, Prince Arachne, Captain Universe, Ben “Scarlet Spider” Reilly, Big Time, 2211, Negative Zone Spider, Betty Brant Spider-Girl, Captain Spider, Ends of the Earth Spider-Armor, Ultimate (Miles), Peter Parker, [Superior or Reilly One True Spidey], Secret War, Mangaverse, Spider-Ham, Spider-Man J, Iron Spidey, Amazing Bag-Head, Bruce Banner (Bullet Points), Spider-Monkey, Spider-Carnage (aka The Spider), Izumi, Black Suit/Symbiote, White Suit F4, Ultimate Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl (May Parker MC2), Spider-Woman (Drew), Scarlet Spider (Kaine), Man-Spider, Parker’s Last Stand, Doppleganger, Spider-Girl (Anya)

According to reports, the story will feature a mystery villain who teams up with fairly new villain Morlun who was like the key baddie during J. Michael Straczynski and John Romita Jr.’s seminal run on ‘Amazing’ a few years back.

Further plot points reveal that this team up isn’t limited to the individuals on the promotional which was done by Gabrielle Del Otto but rather 1000 Spider-Men. And it makes sense especially since Parker has never really beaten Morlun in the past.

Amazing Spider-Man 9 Spider-verse variant

The first salvo for Spider-Verse will make it’s way in Marvel’s Free Comic Book Day 2014 issue.