5 Things To Like About Bucky Barnes

By now you should have seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier which stars Chris EvansSebastian Stan, Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson. And now that we’ve gotten that idea of who the Winter Soldier really is out of the way, it’s time to bask in the glory that is Bucky Barnes.



1. He’s dating Black Widow



Before the return of Bucky Barnes, Black Widow has been dating other guys within the Avengers and even outside. Natasha stuck it out with Bucky when the latter returned to his former state and after returning to the side of the angels. Black Widow has been totally being a faithful partner to Barnes. It’s a pretty cute thing to see. Refreshing actually.

2. Bucky’s Died Again 



During Marvel’s Fear Itself event Bucky together with Natasha and The Falcon were assigned to deal with the threat that is Skaldi, who also happens to be the Red Skull’s daughter Sin transformed into a Thor-level villain after getting her own uru hammer. Bucky was not strong enough to put Sin down and he gets ‘killed’ in the line of battle. This forces Steve Rogers to return to the role of Captain America after some time acting as the new S.H.I.E.L.D. director [and wearing the Commander Rogers uniform].


3. Bucky also gets ‘revived’ again



After ‘dying’ during Fear Itself, we find out that Bucky survives thanks to Nick Fury. Fury convinces Bucky to return to the spy games and espionage together with Natasha.  The book goes on for a year or so before getting cancelled half a year (or so) before the premiere of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. As you can see, the guy even went on to battle villains like Dr. Doom.

4. Trained Black Widow



Nat’s history is as convoluted as the Clone Saga. Was she or was she not as old as Captain America? Did she train with Wolverine back in the day? Cray-cray right? The sliding timeline however made sure to retcon the relationship between the two making the younger Natasha fall head over heels for the Winter Soldier who was pulled out of the ice just to train Natasha.

5. Bucky Rode a Missile to a mission once



During Captain America Reborn Bucky together with Nat began an op where they flew to the HAMMER helicarrier in a freaking rocket. How awesome is that. You’re on a rocket with the the girl you love hugging you. Nothing’s more romantic and badass at the same time than that moment.