New WWE Hall of Famer Ultimate Warrior Passes Away

WWE legend and newly-minted Hall of Famer the Ultimate Warrior has just passed away. He was 54.

His passing was first announced by WWE executive vice president Triple H via his official Twitter account at 11:41 p.m. EST.

This comes as a surprise not only to the WWE, but to the entire pro wrestling industry. Warrior, born James Brian Hellwig, had just appeared on WWE programming in the past few days. He was formally inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame last Saturday and also appeared on this week’s Monday Night RAW to give a speech thanking his fans, most of whom had grown up during his prime, for their support during his career.


His legendary wrestling career was defined by a relative few but memorable championship victories, the greatest of which being his win over Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania VI to become the WWF Champion on top of already being the WWF Intercontinental Champion.

Warrior’s recent induction in the Hall of Fame is the culmination of efforts between himself and WWE owner and board chairman Vince McMahon to reconcile after years of estrangement.


Warrior is survived by his wife Dana and his two daughters.