Batman: Arkham Origins, Cold, Cold Heart DLC Review

Batman: Arkham Origins: Cold, Cold Heart

Developer: Warner Bros. Games Montréal

Platform: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Released: April 22nd, 2014


Okay, so maybe that was a bad intro. But hey, Mr Freeze had an amazing entrance in ‘Cold, Cold Heart,’ the narrative part of Batman: Arkham Origins’ Season pass.

It starts off with a cutscene of an awarding ceremony in Wayne Manor. The Wayne Foundation Humanitarian of the Year Award, which is presented to Ferris Boyle, the CEO of GothCorp. Then the temperature suddenly drops and BAM, Mr Freeze barges in with this men, freezing everyone in his way and ruining the party.

"People helping people."

“People caring for people.”

And as a fan of Batman: The Animated Series, I felt this whole thing was awesome.

Wayne Manor is a huge house, that much I can tell, even if I’ve only been in a small part of it, in maps of both City and Origins. You get to go around the manor and beat up thugs as Bruce in a sharp suit. After he dresses up, he beats up more thugs (that have ice guns and freeze you, man that was annoying), and interrogates them to find out where Mr Freeze took Ferris Boyle to.

It was great to hear Bruce talk about how he was going to take Mr Freeze down without knowing his history. And it makes us, the player, excited to see how the game is going to show us the reason behind Mr Freeze’s actions, and how Bruce is going to react to it.

The story is fast, and the next thing you know, you’re at GothCorp, and everything is frozen solid (including Pioneer Bridge and a lot of other buildings—and people). Cryovapor envelops most of the rooms in GothCorp, and you have no choice but to ask Alfred to hurry up with your XE Suit. Gadgets and are still there, and all its upgrades including combat, but boohoo, no Glue Grenades.


The Batwing gives the drop soon enough, and Batman is dressed like a tank in the next scene. The XE suit makes an effort of trying to make the gameplay different from the normal story, but doesn’t really. However, you’ll feel throughout the story that it is indeed, cold and it does the title justice. Your view has frost at the sides, and Batman’s suit has frost forming on it, too.


The XE suit is super cool though, and it looks toasty and comfortable while Bruce goes around running after a Snowman in the middle of winter. The thermal gloves melt frozen solid vents, ice walls that cover doorways, and cops and security guards that have been popsicled by Mr Freeze and his thugs. It also makes it easier to break out of the ice in case those thugs with Cryo Guns hit you.



Also hot: the thermal gloves gives you Hotarangs. Hot Batarangs. Just kidding, they’re called Thermocharge Batarangs.

The DLC isn’t just Batman vs Mr Freeze, it’s also about Mr Freeze vs Penguin, and of course Ferris Boyle. We get to run into Penguin, make fun of him a bit, and even though it was through a cutscene, beat up Boyle and feel a little satisfied that the greedy little ass has been taken down.

"Damn you, Batman, for forcing my hand." - Mr Freeze

“Damn you, Batman, for forcing my hand.” – Mr Freeze

The final battle between Batman and Mr Freeze seems just like what we’ve faced before. For me it was kind of a cross between Catwoman’s faceoff with Two Face in the museum, and the Mr Freeze boss battle in Arkham City.

Overall, it was a nice experience and I enjoyed it. It was a nice a little addition to Origins, though unneeded. It doesn’t really fit anywhere in the game’s story. You can finish the whole thing in about three to five hours (I finished in five). I liked the Hotarangs way too much.

It made me want to watch Batman and Robin just to hear Arnie!Freeze and all his puns. Also, Anarky, Batman’s got enough on his plate on New Year’s Eve. He doesn’t need your shit.