Hasbro Marvel Legends SDCC 2014 Exclusive: Thanos Imperative

Last year, we pretty much saw the love for the Thunderbolts (well, half of them, of course. Because the supposed wave with more TB members got scratched) since we got the Thunderbolts Boxset as an SDCC Exclusive. They came up with the main “The Raft” line-up featuring Luke Cage, Crossbones, Zatanna, Moonstone and Ghost — that’s instant 5 figures for you! That’s more than the “Wolverine Legends Wave” we got a few months ago. Anyway, this year, since we’re getting a good look at another area of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe through Guardians of the Galaxy, we’re getting 2 Cosmic related sets from Hasbro (if they’re going to release it, ugh!) — Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite Series and the SDCC 2014 Marvel Legends Thanos Imperative Boxset.

Thanos Imperative Boxset includes:

  • Blastaar
  • Black Bolt
  • Medusa
  • Starlord (Comic Series)
  • Gladiator

So, sit back and check out my latest episode of the Rave and Rant show, featuring the SDCC 2014 Thanos Imperative Boxset!