Figma Attack On Titan: Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman Review

I am hooooked, bro!

DSC09401 copya

From a person like me who never got into Anime and all since I started collecting, watching animated flicks and reading comics regularly, I must say that this show and Manga series is amazing! So far, I got Mikasa and Eren, 2 out the 3 main characters that I’m rooting for. Both have a similar set of accessories and features except for the mold since Eren is a bit smaller than Mikasa.DSC09485 copya
Anyway, I previewed everything in my review and I hope it helps you when it comes to deciding whether you should jump in to watching and reading this series and eventually buying the figs. I’m looking forward to getting Armin and Levi soon since I’d love to complete this series. Hoping they’ll jump into making the key Titans of the story into figure form — Maaaan, that’ll be sick!