BIG HERO 6 Review

Reviewing BIG HERO 6 from Walt Disney Studios directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams. It also features the voices of Daniel Henney,Scott Adsit, Ryan Potter, Jamie Chung, Damon Wayans Jr. and more.



– The film manages to stay light despite the fact that it’s dealing with heavier tones like death and betrayal. As always impressed with how Disney manages to weave their magic on these concepts. Props to them for drowning all the feels with some fun moments through Baymax and the rest of Hiro’s friends.

– As promised in the trailers, Baymax is the star of the show. From start to finish he manages to melt our hearts and make us want his hugs badly. The designs for the character, while so far from the Marvel Comics, works extremely well. And I’m talking with or without the armor. The armor makes him an adorable badass too.

– It’s so easy to identify with the lead character Hiro on so many levels. Whether as a child coping with a loss of a loved on or a full grown man without any direction or somebody with ghosts and skeletons. Whoa, too dark. But you know where I’m getting right. And it’s this bid for relevance in the 21st Century that makes Big Hero 6 such a huge hit.

– Other characters are pretty interesting enough to actually warrant a sequel at this early a stage. We need more Fredzilla for crying out loud. Hopefully we get our wishes with a sequel announcement in the near future.

– The end credits were AWESOME. Who’d have thought that the end credits for Big Hero 6 can top the fanboy-ishness of Iron Man. Nothing world changing or world shaping but I tell you it’s going to floor you.

– Awesomely two-dimensional villain works in this case. Kabuki guy wouldn’t work in any other movie but c’mon, for this movie; HE WORKED WONDERFULLY! The effects that he uses also seems pretty slick. Worthy of being ganged up on by a bunch of nerds.

– Thank goodness for non-existing plotholes.



– While Big Hero 6 is a pretty impressive movie it suffers from dark mood swings. period. I don’t think it’s bad but it can rub off the melancholia onto the little kiddies watching. Still, something that can be overlooked.

– it’s too short. But that’s just me really bitching about how I want more Big Hero 6. I guess, while this is filed under a con, it should be considered a PRO because we’re clamoring for more.

– It’s sad that this is Disney through-and-through. Not much hint of Marvel. So don’t expect any Watcher references or Stark Industries iconography. They’re pretty much living in their own world and that’s still fine by me.

– I find the lack of characterization disturbing. Well not so much, but a little more info about the others can help endear them. Wasabi is basically Wasai because he had a bad day with wasabi before. He also likes lasers and is very OCD. That’s it. No “wasabi became a nerd working on lasers because he there were no laser cutters to free his parents from a burning, toppled car.” I’m not really going that far but I hope you get my drift.

– 3D doesn’t work well. Actually it works, but it’s not something you would need to really appreciate it. So unlike Interstellar

– Lastly I need to air out my thoughts about how many scenes were lifted from The Avengers. I count four or more like that scene in a corridor with a rampaging monster and scared-for-their-life character. How bout that finale scene that gets inverted? I’m guessing they were betting it’d work… and it did. Still swiper no swiping.



Should I even give you a reason to see Big Hero 6 other than the adorable Baymax? Or the action? or the dynamics and fun factor between Baymax and Hiro?

Special thanks to Walt Disney Studios Philippines