Avengers: Age of Ultron plot theory

After seeing the trailer and the bonus scene during Marvel Day, I could not help but wonder on what may go down in the plot of Age of Ultron. I decided to join in the cacophony and make this little theory. Let me know what you people think.

Age of HYDRA

First things first: the greatest Earth-level threat is currently HYDRA. We can tell from the events of Winter Soldier and Agents of SHIELD that they’re currently doing all sorts of operations. Daniel “Kraken” Whitehall clarified that he leads the North American branch of HYDRA while Baron Strucker leads the European one. We saw Strucker in the mid-credits scene with Loki’s scepter. As the Infinity War teaser showed us, the scepter is implied to be one of the Infinity Gems. That kind of object would definitely secure his spot on top of the Avengers’ priority list for anti-HYDRA operations.

Baron Strucker with the alleged Mind Gem

Baron Strucker with the alleged Mind Gem

Thank you Nick Fury and Samsung for helping Nat!

Thank you Nick Fury and Samsung for helping Nat!

Joss Whedon discussed the global aspects of Age of Ultron back in SDCC 2013. We got a hint of that in Winter Soldier and Agents of SHIELD when Fury said he was going to Europe (presumably to stop or spy on Strucker). This was further confirmed by the fact that parts of the film were shot in Italy, which stood in for Eastern Europe.

Italy as Eastern Europe. There's an American geography joke here somewhere

Italy as Eastern Europe. There’s an American geography joke here somewhere

My guess is that the film will open with Tony Stark sounding the call for the Avengers to assemble once again. From there, they launch an assault on Strucker’s European stronghold.

iron man flying age of ultron

HYDRA foot soldiers?

HYDRA foot soldiers?

hawkeye ronin age of ultron

Loving the Ronin-inspired outfit

What the Avengers won’t be counting on is Strucker siccing the Maximoff twins on them. The Avengers will beat them and proceed to capture Baron Strucker. This will erode HYDRA’s capability and the world will celebrate the Avengers’ victory once again.

Enter Ultron

After this, Tony Stark starts to think about the future of the Avengers. He decides that it would be better for them not to go through the hassle of assembling each time. This inspires him to create his own version of a world peacekeeping program that would replace the team and keep threats at bay. Ultron is created as a prototype for this initiative. Time passes and the team return to Avengers Tower to celebrate. However, Ultron interrupts the party and declares that humanity should be extinct.


While the Avengers fend off the Iron Man suits Ultron unleashed, Ultron escapes. After the battle, Thor confronts Tony regarding his secret projects. Trust begins to disappear.


 Ultron then goes around the world to upgrade itself. Eventually, Ultron runs into Ulysses Klaw for Vibranium upgrades.

ALLEGEDLY Ulysses Klaw

ALLEGEDLY Ulysses Klaw

nothing like a fresh coat

 Ultron then goes to Eastern Europe to create an alliance with the Maximoff twins.

ultron maximoffs


The Maximoff Factor

Meanwhile, the Avengers try to protect Seoul and other cities from the Ultron bots. They then track Ultron back to Eastern Europe to defeat it and the twins. However, the combined powers of the three are too much for them. Wanda probably used one of her unique abilities because it was mentioned in the bonus scene that Wanda showed each of the Avengers a unique vision. No, not that Vision. The vision could have been anything. The future perhaps? Their worst fear? My basis for this event happening at this point is the screencap below:

banner forest

It shows a post-Hulk Bruce Banner struggling to maintain his balance in the snow. Maybe Wanda’s vision for him induced this. In fact, the whole team looks forlorn here in the Quinjet. It seems Wanda really did a number on them.

avengers forlorn quinjet

After their failure, they go to the setting of the bonus scene which many fans think is Hawkeye Ranch. Thor probably leaves at some point here due to what he saw.

hawkeye ranch

Tony and Steve then discuss how they were easily beaten. Steve also brings up Thor’s abrupt departure and what Wanda showed them while chopping wood. They disagree on the long-term goals for the Avengers and the morality of preemptive strikes.

tony steve hawkeye ranch

Thor’s Vision

When I first saw this scene, I couldn’t imagine what Thor may have seen. My only guess at the time was Tony creating the Ultron program. The party scene pretty much negated that. A few weeks later, however, Feige announces that Thor: Ragnarok will take place immediately after Age of Ultron. This was followed by an Idris Elba (Heimdall) interview with the Telegraph that revealed he filmed a scene for the movie along with Tom Hiddleston (Loki). With this in mind, I changed my guess to Thor having a vision of the coming Ragnarok (which involved Heimdall and Loki).

I don’t have much for the other visions. Perhaps Steve saw a glimpse of the forthcoming Civil War in 2016. Maybe Widow saw something involving her ballerina past.

Anyway, that’s my theory. I’ll probably change some of it as more information becomes public. Once again, this is just personal speculation. Not concrete spoilers of any kind. Thanks for reading!